“I give them experiments and they respond with speeches.”

Louis Pasteur



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Movers & Shakers: Adam Schaeffer

Campaigns & Elections,
March 27, 2014 by Evolving Strategies
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Schaeffer says experimentation can boost GOP campaigns, if only his side was more willing to… Adam Schaeffer is the director of research and co-founder of the Republican firm Evolving Strategies. C&E: Where are Republicans when it comes to testing and experimentation after the 2012 cycle? How do campaigners on your side tend to view it? [...]

Make Pro-Abortion Extremists Play Defense

Weekly Standard, Marjorie Dannenfelser
January 22, 2014 by Evolving Strategies
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In 2012, Democrats ran a well-coordinated campaign to demonize and distort pro-life candidates as anti-woman misogynists hell-bent on taking away birth control. The Republican response to this line of attack consisted mostly of pivoting away to focus on “jobs” and the “economy.” With rare exceptions, instead of responding, GOP candidates were unwilling to answer the [...]

Vaccines vs. Leeches

Campaigns & Elections, Adam B. Schaeffer & Nancy Smith
December 9, 2013 by Evolving Strategies
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Why the left is strong and the right is sickly when it comes to campaigns Virginia’s 2013 gubernatorial election was much closer than anyone, with the possible exception of Terry McAuliffe’s data team, expected. Rather than the 7-point drubbing the poll averages suggested, it came down to about 55,000 votes out of more than 2 [...]

Republicans Need to See Big Data as Big Business

The Cook Political Report, Elizabeth Wilner
July 16, 2013 by Evolving Strategies
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Michael Simon, 33 in September, runs one of the near-dozen new firms that deal in the Big Data that helped power President Obama’s re-election. HaystaqDNA is now busy helping corporate clients identify potential new customers. Asked what he hopes will become of what he and fellow Obama alums built, Simon says, “lasting dominance,” so that [...]

Winning the Hispanic Vote With Conservative Ideas

U.S. News
April 24, 2013 by Adam Schaeffer
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Embracing immigration reform is far from the only thing the GOP can do to win over Hispanics Tom Donelson is chairman of Americas PAC and research associate at Americas Majority Foundation. Adam B. Schaeffer is director of research and co-founder of Evolving Strategies.. Florida Senator Marco Rubio’s embrace of a bipartisan immigration compromise, including a [...]

The Devil Is in the Data

US News, Adam Schaeffer
March 22, 2013 by Adam Schaeffer
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RNC Chairman Reince Priebus’s “Growth and Opportunity Project” is missing a key concept: Experimentation. Adam Schaeffer is co-founder and director of research of Evolving Strategies. The GOP’s “Growth and Opportunity Project,” which details a plan for revitalizing the Republican Party in the aftermath of the 2012 defeat, is necessarily broader than it is deep. There is, [...]

GOP needs a scientific revolution

Politico, Adam Schaeffer
March 19, 2013 by Adam Schaeffer
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Democratic pollster Pat Caddell touched off a prairie fire of grassroots rage at last week’s Conservative Political Action Conference with a passionate speech claiming widespread corruption in the ranks of Republican consultants. Rush Limbaugh fanned the flames, arguing that establishment players are ideologically soft, and more interested in approval from the D.C. cocktail set and [...]

Digital Divide is Just the Start of the Right’s Problems

February 15, 2013 by Adam Schaeffer

A great article about the digital and other problems on the Right has been making the rounds. In particular, the firm Red Edge properly receives the bulk of the print and color in the piece. Bret Jacobson and Ian Spencer are very intelligent, extremely hardworking and knowledgeable guys. But the piece misses what I think is [...]

Obama Does It Better

Slate, by Sasha Issenberg
October 29, 2012 by Evolving Strategies
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When it comes to targeting and persuading voters, the Democrats have a bigger advantage over the GOP than either party has ever had in the modern campaign era. A few weeks ago, two Washington Post journalists who barely three months before Republicans lost control in Congress in 2006 released a book calling the party “the [...]

Will Enthusiasm Win the Election for Romney?

KFKA AM Colorado Interview, Adam Schaeffer
October 22, 2012 by Admin